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Returns Policy

Return / Refund Policy

We hope you love your items as much as we loved choosing them for our shop, however if you are not completely satisfied we do offer a 100% free of charge returns service. All we ask is you post your return within 7 days of receipt and all items must still have their original packaging in tact. If this is the case follow the simple steps below and we'll take care of the rest.

Return Code

In order for us to process your return promptly please select which of the below explanations most closely reflects why you're returning the item and then write this on the dispatch note included in your delivery. You must then include the dispatch note in with the return (if the dispatch note is lost please enclose a sip of paper stating your order number and the reason code):

REASON CODE 1On viewing the item, I've decided it's not what I'm looking for. Please refund me in full.
REASON CODE 2I'm happy with item but the one I received has some flaws, please resend it.
REASON CODE 3The item arrives too late so I no longer need it please refund me in full.
REASON CODE 4The item is not what I ordered please resend the correct item.
REASON CODE 5The item is not what I ordered please refund me in full.
REASON CODE 6I received a damaged item but I would still like it so please resend .
REASON CODE 7I received a damaged item and I no longer require the item so please refund me.
REASON CODE 8Other - please write a brief explanation on the note.

Please note, non of the above affect you statutory rights in anyway, they're just designed to help us process the return promptly.

Step by step

  1. Package up your return and include your initial dispatch note or something else that clearly states your order number and reason code.
  2. Clearly label your package with the freepost return address given below (hand written or printed is fine).
  3. Where you would normally place the stamp, write 2nd class.
  4. Hand you package in at any post office counter and ask for a Certficate of Posting. This certificate is provided free of charge and you need to hold on to it until we have confirmed receipt of your parcel.
  5. If you're opting for a refund there is no need to wait , if you contact us at this point confirming exactly what you are returning and why (damaged, unwanted etc.) we will issue a full refund within 1 working day.
  6. On receipt of your return we will email you to confirm everything has been received OK and at this point you dispose of the Certificate of Posting.
  7. If you chose not to contact us when you handed in your package at the post office we will issue your refund on receipt.

Freepost Address

    Freepost RSGR-KHAY-JGZL
    Occasions Retail Limited
    Unit 3, Airfield Industrial Estate
    Cheddington Lane
    Long Marston
    HP23 4QR


The only exceptions to this policy are any items we provide that are personalised before they reach you. The personalisation renders these items unsellable and therefore the may not be returned.

Here to help

We hope this helps but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with any of our customer service team at cs@occasionsdirect.co.uk or on the phone at 01296 662111.

Please note this applies to UK residents only, international customers please contact us on the above email address.

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